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What a result, the frustrating 0-0 home draw with Fulham....Chelsea's draw and Arsenal's heavy defeat were the only things to cheer a frustrated Liverpool crowd as they saw their side waste a chance to take over the top after being held 0-0 by visiting Fulham. Liverpool did not have Steven Gerrard around to play on this time that becoz his torn groin muscle having a damaging impact. For short, Gerrard is injured!!..Aduyhhh...But, Liverpool players still doing a gud job there..

Fulham, with one of the best defensive records in the top flight, have never won at Anfield and rarely looked like doing so this time i thought, But their dogged performance on the game make Liverpool agak payah to get a goal againts Fulham lor...and Liverpool side seems like lacked of ideas and inspiration during the played. Defenders Aaron Hughes and Brede Hangeland had a firm grip on Robbie Keane and Torres for most of the game, and Liverpool could not find a way through. Keane had two chances that he cannot finish it. What a waste..keane seems look "MENGGELABAH" when got a ball. Not for dis game only, on da previous game also. That y Im abit x duduk senang when Keane played at the starting line-up.Tak cayer?? ask my kawan "selingkup" la..hehe..(out of topic..huhu) . Why boss benitez tak masukkan jer Babel to replace Keane? Babel is more aggresive and very technical when play.Most of the time, boss benitez only sending Babel at the last-last minute of the game....we saw that Liverpool then sent on Ryan Babel in place of Riera after 78 MINUTES!, with Nabil El Zhar taking over from Kuyt four minutes later..HUrmmm..

Boss Benitez rested Xabi Alonso on the bench and brought in Alvaro Arbeloa, Lucas and Torres from the side that started the win at Bolton last weekend.Liverpool still started at pace, but dilihat terlalu banyak chances or its easy to say it was "an opportunity lost' to Liverpool. From dis games, Fulham were seems more confident and organised, but Liverpool were much sharper on the second half.


The most interesting part is when saw Arsenal "The Gunners" had a heavy defeated againts Manchester City...feel pity to my Frenz "kawan selingkup-selingkap"who's a very damn fan of Arsenal..kih3. Arsenal crashed back to earth yesterday, losing at Stadium: City of Manchester Stadium to a determined Manchester City squad 3-0. 3- 0 tueee...hahaha..

HAku : "wei ko bwk blik lah "MERIAM" ko tue balik Melaka. dah xder maknenyer lagi ko simpan..haha

Kawan selingkup : "betul gak ckp kaw, aku letak nnti , gantikan meriam yg ada kat A famosa tu.wat memorial park"..(jawapan dgn nada yg tensen aku rasa..haha)

juz watch da highlight about da game. Nak tgk full game of Arsenal tak dapat coz there are a lot of liverpool fan at AMBER SHIRINBANO, one of the famous mamak stall among da community of Cheras..Haku terharuu..hahaha.


Feel pity again to my Kawan Selingkup yg frust tak dapat tengok Arsenal to make their action..hehe..but i think dat he (refer to my kwan selingkup) better jgn tgk dari tgk..haha..so he force himself to be a fan of FULHAM for a 90minutes of da game juz to make me feel "emo"..to my kawan selingkup, Haku tidak termakan oleh kata-katamu..haha

Kawan selingkup : Wei jahat giler Liverpool main. tackle2 orang jer..eeee

Haku : Ala tackle kena kad kuning baru ah jahat..ni x kena kad pun..kecoh ah..(padahal time tue aku dah emo da..haha)


After watch da highlight, we continue to watch a live action of Manchester United againts Aston villa. same place tentunya di AMBER SHIINBANO ..dekat dikaki..hehe.my kawan selingkup and I take a move to kenakan our fren sorang lagi called AWIE. so damn fanatic with MU..huhu..

HAku : hah pek, apa lagi?? time ni la kita kenakan awie tue blik..kita wat dia emo habeh.."

Kawan selingkup : haha..ok2..!!

then macam2 lah ktrg kutuk juz want to make dat Awie feel EmOOOoo..haha

kawan selingkup : wei bnyak berlakon ah player MU ni.

Haku : 2 lah, lagi2 Ro***do tue..asyik nak wat muka kesian jer..x bleh blah ah..

Haku dan Kawan selingkup : Go ASTON VILLA !!!..

Awie :...........(wat muka senyum2 tensen..haha)


I juz love to wacth Manchester U beat by Aston villa and semestinya, i'll automatically be a fan of any team that will struggle their feet to fight againts MU, but.. juz 90 minutes jer..hehe..Meantime, Aston Villa also had their own strategy and technically, they were gud.Villa had received a massive confidence boost with their win at Arsenal last weekend 2-0 and they were well worth a share of the spoils over the 90 minutes. Pity to my kawan selingkup 2 lagi..haha.

In the second period it was Villa who looked the more likely to make the breakthrough. A long free-kick by Luke Young was headed on by Villa captain Martin Laursen and the first-time effort from Agbonlahor was not truly struck and hit straight at United goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar. what a waste..Aston villa had many chances. Dont look down on Aston Villa, they are also good lol. Top 4 on the premier league table. This match won't be easy with most of the United players..but then dat was a gud game. A gud game sampai blik rumah pukul 4 pagi,juz watch 2 football macths starting at 11 pm, we juz love to do it again...hehe



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