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06 December.....
..shot jgn tak shot..huhu
 Ni time ketibaan rombogan belah lelaki
ada rupa pak cik MACAM- MACAM ADA tak?haha..pak cik ni wakil bagi pihak lelaki
 Inilah antara hantaran-hantaran yang diberi yg sempat aku shot
 the lord of da Ring..haha..inilah cincin pertunangan

HUrahhhhhh...dis game kindly very "mendebarkan"lol. After all efforts dat liverpool players gave towards dis game, liverpool finally won!with score of 3-1.. at da first half, what can i conclude here is Liverpool players not really had a gud strategy and keep losing da ball when passing. dat kind of "GERAM" jugak la when saw dat kind of pass...Haru Biruuuu..huhu..dis time Babel takes place and i dnt xpected Babel will be in da 1st place but still he still have done a gud work there...dari keane baiklah Babel..dis time boss benitez make a gud choice..hahaha....a lot of opportunities dat Liv have but takder luck ah orang kata kan nak score..huhu..alonso makes a gud final shot on da gol but Blackburn keeper safe da ball nicely..I thought it will be a 1st goal for Liverpool but..."LAAAAAAAAAAAA...tak gol..siuts!"..dat was an impression spontaneously give by me..hahaha..
After da sadly game on da 1st half, Liverpool makes a move with more confident and more strategy on da second half..suddenly...... "GOAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!"..yahhh 1st goal by Lverpool  finishing by Xabi Alonso..what an emotional game...da final touch gave by Alonso really simply da best and he already knew by Liverpoll fan dat he likes to "REMBAT-REMBAT SEKUAT HATI" when there is any chances to score, but dis goal was smoothly finish by him and Robinson, Keeper of Blackburn xpected dat Alonso will Rembat Tahap Gaban la kan and then apa lagi la si Robinson ni tried to fly without wings in order to catch da ball..but his perdiction is totally out of world and..68th minute, Gerrard's cross sailed to Xabi Alonso..There's..1st goal by Alonso..alonso beat Robinson with a weak low shot he probably should have saved...Kind of funny gak ah tgk da keeper semangat giler terbang untuk tangkap bola yang slow habeh..haha..Robinson totally have been cheaten by Alonso...I like dat part..hahaha..
YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!...there's a 2nd goal for Liverpool finishing by Benayoun. Yossi Benayoun's superb solo effort, dis goal is very,very and very nice lol..Gerrard nicely makes a long through pass ball to benayoun and shot across Robinson and into the far corner from a tight angle..nice touch by Benayoun..da 1st goal gave a motivation and spirit for Liverpool players to score more and dat da 2nd goal for da Reds..But Blackburn secured a consolation goal in the 86th minute with a Santa Cruz header ..a goal from da header..what da h**l..da score is 2-1 already and still 2-1on 90 minutes of dan game.aduyaaiiii...dat pissed me off..huhu..Four minutes of injury time for the Rovers to scrape a point, but it was not meant to be, 24 seconds after the fourth minute of injury time had expired, Gerrard sealed the win for Liverpool,.and siapa sangka at da last 4 minutes Gerrard make an easy score..yeahhhhhHHHHaaaa!!!..That's Gerrard..he makes a smile in his face while kick da ball (xder lah, aku tipu jer..haha)..But da final score is Liverpool 3 - Blackburn 1..Liverpoll now cruise to top of premiership with carry out 37 points 1 points ahead of Chelsea 36..Liverpool fan out there...NOW U CAN BE PROUD..hahaha..

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