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Here she is, the iPod touch! It's definitely thinner than the iPhone, and feels completely solid (I we'd hope it would..haha). The home button is far smaller, the face is completely flat, and generally the whole thing feels far more angular than the iPhone -- but it's all familiar territory. I were kind of hoping the touch would have a matte rear screen, but that just isn't the case, it's all chrome..erm its okay anyway..huhu..Prize??about rm800 for 8gb memory storage ..huhu..lately haku ader beli "sepotong" ipod shuffle tuk adik haku, prize bout rm170 for 1 gb..ipod shuffle is da most basic needs for ipod..and da ipod tch is da revolution of music in ur hands.
There are only two physical buttons on the iPod Touch: a button on the face of the player used for calling up the main menu; and a screen deactivation button found on the top-left edge of the case. The iPod Touch is controlled largely using an icon-based touch-screen navigation menu nearly identical to the iPhone's, but with greater emphasis placed on music, photo, and video playback..its advanced technologies enable iPod touch to respond to both touch and movement. It also finds wireless networks Wi-Fi and connects you to the Internet...nicely done...menatang ni memang gempak habeh..for those yg x mampu nk beli iphone..get a grab of dis slim creature,The iPod Touch draws 99 percent of its features from the iPhone..with quality sound in there,dis is da revolutionary gadget of music..i'll grab it once soon with a discount prize of course..dat azam baru tahun 2009..haha..


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