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This has been touted as the crunch match, one which Chelsea needs to win to keep pace with Liverpool,Feel sory to chelsea, u cant do dat..huhu.. but also one for Manchester United to stamp their title credentials and start a good run towards top spot in the league.
dis time other to be fan of chelsea or MU is really tough..huhu..but i assume to support MU , they will win da game dis time (damn it, haku terpaksa..huhu)..and dat it, they finally win wth big bang shots.. Manchester United won the match 3-0, and thus, they have moved up within 1 point of Chelsea in the league point table with 2 matches in hands. Chelsea now needs to keep pace with Liverpool..But im sory chelsea, u lose to United, u'll walk alone dis time..huhu..Liverpool leave 4 point behind chelsea, they got 1 point after draw match with stoke city..and now United turn to carefully not to lose ground on Liverpool...Boleh BlaHH!!..


  1. nuT  

    yes aku juga pelik bagaimana chelsea dibelasah teruk. ha ha

    g|ory g|ory MAN U !!!!

  2. SIR ZUL  

    aku suka chelsea klh..but Mu still suck..haha

  3. Anonymous  

    haha..like ur entry...boleh blah to Mu or chelsea..liverpool still da bomb BrO!!

  4. wah cahan  

    yes2...da reds still da best..da red devil?go to hell... :P

  5. SIR ZUL  

    haha..rilek kwn2 seperjuanganku..huhu..dis season da reds will win da title..dun wory guys..huhu..wah cahan..like da word "Go To HeLL"..sgt sesuai tuk si devil merah..haha

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