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The red beat chelsea 2-0...4 sure laa..Fernando Torres scored twice in the dying minutes to snatch a vital win for Liverpool against 10-man Chelsea. . shows dat The Blues clearly set their stall out to frustrate Liverpool from da beginning of da game even b4 lampard got da red card on the hour for a lunge at Xabi Alonso..Lampard did earn the red…Why would u slide tackle with clits almost up toward the opponent? i mean it is not like he was about to get the ball back and score and actually the red card was harsh. Lampard DID get the ball, and from the camera angle it looked like alonso who kicked him..but refree decide everythng upon da game..luck to liverpool..we love dat...lampard crying without tears at da back..haha..LONG LIVE LIVERPOOL!!!!!


  1. daniel  

    yah like dis game..liverpool is cool man..
    absolute horrible call on the red by the ref. He kicked the ball and then they kicked each other. Brutal call!!!
    And i dont even like Chelsea…
    u man..u rock..haha

  2. SIR ZUL  

    haha..u rock to babeh..
    glory 4 da reds

  3. Anonymous  

    if Liverpool wants to be the champion this is another start, dun miss any more games, Liv can be the Champion this year.
    go reds!

  4. SIR ZUL  

    yahh dat 4 sure..no doubt bout it

  5. maya  

    YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH Liverpool very……… MANTAPPPPPPP………… team
    good job lads, i hope chelsea crush and burn
    liverpool deserves every single win.

  6. agent  

    Lampard is better than Gerrard!

  7. SIR ZUL  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. henceing  

    Lampard is great than gerrard? lol u disgust me…gerrard 4 life…english captain…most amazing goals..

  9. SIR ZUL  

    yah dat was disgust..number 8 is a great number
    8 means gerrard is there..be careful..
    but agent lampard is great to...
    but not great as gerrard..kui3

  10. MIke Riley is a Chode  

    Haha, all the liverpool fans are getting a big head because they beat a 10-man Chelsea! Get over yourselves, ManU will still crush you.

    After that RUBBISH foul on Lampard, it’s like taking candy from a baby. I’m surprised Chelsea’s defense held up as long as they did! In a fair match, they would have drawn nil or 1-0 to either team.

    Chelsea doesn’t have soul and passion? Piss off.

  11. me da wonder  

    shut up u mike..

  12. ceritaku MEMORIKU  

    liverpool gempakzzz.
    asl dgn mike2?

  13. SIR ZUL  

    mike 2 biul agaknyer..hope dia x phm bahsa melayu..haha
    wah na'ad ni liv fan gak eh.
    u rock bebeh..hehe

  14. Z-Chery  

    liv will win da tittle dis season
    mike o mike..
    u got da wrong places
    go somewhere else

  15. blocking da mask  

    forget what colour card the lampard incident should have been.it wasnt even a foul full stop.if anything,what alonso did was worse than what lampard did

  16. gerrard me  

    2-0!!!!!!!!!! LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL!!!! Stop using stupid excuses like the red card chelsea! Liverpool dominated from minute 1′ to 94′!!! Just deal with the fact that your ARE NOT the best!!!

  17. hazim da rim  

    go Liverpool Go… !!! I agree with Gerrard me.. Liverpool dominated all 90+4 mnts.. Too poor they didn’t score 5 goals..huhu

  18. Daniel Chung  

    The red card on Lampard (and I’m no Chelsea fan) seemed disproportionate considering that Xabi Alonso seemed to get a better kick in (on his way down). I’ll give Fernando Torres credit as he’s the one player in my mind who can rival Lionel Messi as best striker in the world. Torres has great sense as to where the ball is going to be played and on high crosses where the ball can likely end up anywhere, for him to run across his marker (Alex) and make contact with that cross is to Torres’ credit. It’s game on now, but with one game in hand and potentially 5 points ahead, the upper hand is still with Man Utd. But great game still…. um, shades of Liverpool vs Newcastle Utd from 1996 on that last minute Stan Collymore goal (same end too!).

  19. SIR ZUL  


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