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 Got da invitation to SNC annual general meeting dis saturday..around 100 members around msia will come..mesti gempak..mesti pegi!..
Title: SatriaNeoClub.com Annual General Meeting
SatriaNeoClub.com will be organizing our 2nd official AGM as per title. The meeting details are as follows:-
Place: Meeting Room 3, Pusat Kejiranan Precint 16, Putrajaya
Date: 2nd May 2009 (Saturday)
Time: Starts at 1300 hours
Rendezvous Point: Masjid Putrajaya at 1100 hours (11am)

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Liverpool kept up the pressure on Manchester United at the top of the table..credits goes to kuyt and alonso who score 3 goals againts da tiger..

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The chord is started with Dmaj7,Emaj,D#maj,Dmaj and Amaj..then repeat da chord again until da last part of da song..play along with da right strumming patterns..and dat its..its easy than u think..


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Liverpool now on top of da table again after had a draw game with Arsenal. Yossi Benayoun scores an injury-time equaliser in a breathtaking 4-4 draw with Arsenal to put Liverpool back on top of the Premier League. But united have a huge advantage with da results, who have two matches in hand with the first at home to Portsmouth.Watch this English Premier League match, Liverpool Vs Arsenal Highlights here.
Scorer: Torres (49, 72)
Scorer: Benayoun (55, 90)
Scorer: Arshavin (35, 66, 69, 90)
watch da highlights here
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Akhirnya habeh jugak praktikum kat sek keb pndkn khas Ipoh ni..have a great experience there..best giler..mantap..dll..next sem 3 cuba mintak lagi sek ni..thnx 4 cikgu2 sek yang wat jamuan perpisahan tuk ktrg...semestinya ak rindu bangat kat murid2 ku dan smua warga sekolah..kpd budak2 sek men yg duk asrama, next time sama2 tgk bola lagi..mmg ramai peminat Liverpool kat sana sbnrnya..tepat pilihan korunk..haha

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Dah besaw rupenyer bdk kecik ni..dulu merangkak jer skunk dah berlari kaw ye..huhu..mmg lama da x jumpa Zechry ni..ingt nud jer ader ADAM??..yg pntg anak sedare aku ni lagi kacak dari adam la kan...haha

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watching Chelsea are through to the semi finals of the Champions League following a spectacular 4-4 draw with arch rivals Liverpool on Tuesday a bit pissed of. Watch da great game at "bilik tV dengan budak2 pekak"around 2.45 am.felt something watching with em..huahua....a lot of "football sign language" dat i learn  from em, n nut will totally jealous..haha..Liverpool had a great first half hour at Stamford Bridge leading da game with 0-2..We r very confident dat da reds will move to the semi final..but...
Chelsea began their comeback to defend their aggregate lead in the second half setting da score 4-4...although da reds can't move to da semi final but its still a gud game..and not feeling "MENYESAL KERa

0 - 1 19' Fábio Aurélio
 0 - 2 28' Xabi Alonso (PG)
D. Drogba 51' 1 - 2
Alex 57' 2 - 2
F. Lampard 76' 3 - 2
 3 - 3 81' Lucas
 3 - 4 83' D. Kuyt
F. Lampard 89' 4 - 4

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Liverpool bounced back form midweek humiliation at the hands of Chelsea to thump Blackburn Rovers and stay in the title race and torres is just too awesome. Blackburn really got BURN dat night..haha

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Hari sukan sekolah SKPK IPOH..penat but we enjoyed...

guru praktikum UPSI dan pembantu guru..penyeri kepada kami...cayalah...haha
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Liverpool moved top of the Premier League and kept their title hopes alive with an injury-time winner againts Fulham.
Andrea Dossena hit the bar twice - each time with a header, Xabi Alonso volleyed against the bar and Fernando Torres dragged a shot against the post.
But on 92 minutes, Yossi Benayoun drove in from 12 yards to snatch victory.
Thats Liverpool for you, Fight till the death as always
Man Utd are gonna have to hold on to everything they have cuz they’re in for a real fight
Keep going da reds!!
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