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another piece of arts...

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I had been honored & excited at the chance to become one of the facilitator during Kem Bestari Solat at Sk 2 Sultan Alam Shah on saturday (6/31/10). Handle several of normal kids to teach em on how to perform the solat in proper way, and having just returned, I have to say that it was full of fun bcoz puas bercakap, no need sign language, but sometimes ada la jgk tersign kat students, budak2 buat muko pelik dan musykil..haha..and In fact, it was better than I dared hope. Paling mencabar, we became "uztaz" ....takut tersesat plak budak2 ni..hoho

Here’s some of the photo that was taken during that program.Equipment, just using Kodak easyshare compact camera and a few editing.

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